HeyBryan and ApartmentLove Inc. to Begin a Strategic Co-Marketing Initiative

apartmentlove.com is one of the largest apartment rental websites in the world

HeyBryan, the app that connects home-maintenance Experts to homeowners for help with small tasks around the home, is pleased to announce that HeyBryan and ApartmentLove Inc. (‘ApartmentLove’) will begin a new co-marketing initiative to promote HeyBryan, a preferred supplier of vetted, home-maintenance experts, like handymen, painters, and cleaners, to name a few, to ApartmentLove’s vast landlord and tenant community in the Greater Toronto Area, BC’s Lower Mainland, and Calgary, Alberta.

Trevor Davidson, President & CEO of ApartmentLove, comments: “We are really excited to bring this collaboration to life as we see great value in it for both ApartmentLove and HeyBryan. Just like homeowners, landlords and tenants constantly need small tasks done in their properties  as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are glad we can work closely with HeyBryan to fill this gap together.”

ApartmentLove has about 200,000 active rental listings across Canada and the US and is eager to promote HeyBryan to its large network of landlords and tenants, while HeyBryan promotes ApartmentLove to its customer base as a trusted and professional online rental listing partner.

“There is evidence that renters and landlords these days rely on the gig economy to hire professionals to improve their space as it is tough to find people quickly to do these small maintenance tasks. This is when HeyBryan comes into play. We are happy to get appreciation for our service from a well-respected company like ApartmentLove,” adds Lance Montgomery, CEO of HeyBryan.

HGTV celebrity Bryan Baeumler acts as HeyBryan’s brand ambassador. Bryan Baeumler is widely recognized as a home-maintenance expert and has been featured in multiple hit shows for over seven years, such as House of Bryan, Disaster DIY, Leave it to Bryan, and Island of Bryan.


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