HeyBryan Announces Partnership with Duuo, an Innovation-Focused Insurance Provider

HeyBryan, the app that connects home-maintenance Experts to homeowners for help with small tasks around the home, is pleased to announce its partnership with Duuo (by The Co-operators Group Limited), a new digital insurance brand with a focus on the gig and sharing economies.

Since launching in late 2018, Duuo, in collaboration with Slice Labs Inc., has reimagined Canadian insurance by providing on-demand, digital solutions that meet the emerging needs of consumers and businesses participating in the sharing economy. Through the partnership, Duuo will develop a custom, easy-to-use insurance product that HeyBryan will be able to offer the home-maintenance Experts on its platform.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Duuo to provide our customers and our Experts with greater peace of mind when using the HeyBryan app,” says Lance Montgomery, CEO of HeyBryan. “A like-minded innovator in the digital sharing economy, Duuo is a natural fit as our insurance partner,” he adds.

Upon developing the app in 2018, HeyBryan took several initiatives to ensure a safe and secure experience for customers, including payment processing through the app and an in-depth Expert screening process. The Company’s partnership with Duuo is a further step in its commitment to deliver a secure environment for its customers.

“As an emerging leader in the gig economy, HeyBryan shares Duuo’s enthusiasm for innovation,” says Robin Shufelt, Managing Director of Duuo. “Our goal is to help platforms like HeyBryan grow and flourish, which is why we’re so excited to collaborate with them to develop Canada’s first on-demand insurance solution in the home-maintenance category.”

Development will begin in January, with further details about the partnership and launch date to be revealed in the coming months.


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