HeyBryan & Duuo Announce Launch Plans for Duuo Gig Insurance – the First On Demand Gig Economy Insurance Solution in Canada

We are excited to announce details around our new on demand gig insurance solution, available soon for all HeyBryan experts, in partnership with digital insurance brand Duuo (The Co-operators Group Limited). The new insurance solution – branded Duuo Gig Insurance – will be a first of its kind in the Canadian gig economy.

Duuo Gig Insurance has been exclusively designed to meet the unique needs of HeyBryan experts across the GTA, BC’s Lower Mainland, the City of Calgary, as well as future locations where HeyBryan is active. All HeyBryan experts will be able to purchase Duuo Gig Insurance in just a couple of minutes on their mobile device through a link in the HeyBryan platform. The cost for the majority of HeyBryan’s 20 task categories range around $5-7 per day, providing $2,000,000 in liability protection.

This service will eliminate the lengthy and antiquated insurance purchase path. Policy information, contact information and activation of the policy are all easily accessible via the mobile device and increasing ease at the touch of button. And it will give customers the peace-of-mind knowing that their HeyBryan expert is fully insured for all work performed.

“We’re thrilled to be the first mobile marketplace app to be offering a targeted, on demand gig economy-focused insurance solution with our partner Duuo,” says Lance Montgomery, CEO of HeyBryan. “Whether an expert is performing one or four tasks in a given day, an expert will have peace of mind knowing he has full insurance coverage for all his HeyBryan gigs, and customers will have comfort in knowing their expert is fully insured for all work performed at their home” he adds.

“Our mission at Duuo is to provide our clients with innovative insurance on their terms,” says Robin Shufelt, Managing Director of Duuo. “That’s why we’re so excited to offer HeyBryan experts a solution designed to meet the emerging needs of gig workers.” 

Duuo Gig insurance will be available to all HeyBryan experts Q3 2020.


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