HeyBryan Forges a Preferred Partnership Agreement with Haven Mattress

HeyBryan, the app that connects home-maintenance Experts to homeowners for help with small tasks around the house, today announced a partnership with Haven Mattress (‘Haven’), Canada’s leading luxury direct-to-door mattress company. HeyBryan will become a preferred mattress removal company for Haven Mattress’ customers, and HeyBryan’s users will be able to purchase Haven’s mattress at a discount.

“We felt that Haven’s business was well aligned with ours and we were glad that they felt the same way.  Our Experts can bring peace-of-mind to Haven’s customers by professionally handling the removal process while our customers get a good deal on a good product. On top of that, we expect this partnership to increase HeyBryan’s brand awareness, which will lead to overall growth of the customer base,” commented Lance Montgomery, HeyBryan’s CEO.

First launched in 2015 with a single line of plant-based foam mattresses, Haven has become a rapid-growing e-commerce store with a range of curated, high-quality sleep products. Haven’s signature products are featured in popular national TV shows including CBC’s Dragon’s Den and HGTV’s Island of Bryan. Haven has also been highly involved in making social impacts by donating one mattress for each 10 sold. 

“We loved the idea of partnering with HeyBryan as a way to reduce the pressure and stress our customers face with maintaining their homes. As we deliver, we keep hearing the same question – ‘Do you know a guy?’. Well, now we do. By tapping into the HeyBryan app, our customers would be able to get to a network of really good guys and gals. It’s a win-win situation,” said Scott Amis, Haven’s CEO.

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