HeyBryan Selected as a Cover Story in the Inspiration Issue of Public Entrepreneur Magazine

HeyBryan Media, the creator of the HeyBryan app that connects home-maintenance Experts to homeowners for help with small tasks around the home, is excited to announce that the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) has chosen HeyBryan as a feature story in the latest issue of Public Entrepreneur Magazine published by the CSE.

As described by the CSE, “the first issue of the new decade shares captivating entrepreneurial stories, offering exclusive insights into how the featured business undertakers have harnessed the power of innovation to become genuine disruptors in their respective industries”.

Public Entrepreneur’s feature story is an interview with HeyBryan’s Founder & CEO Lance Montgomery who reveals the story behind the app creation, how long it took to develop it, HeyBryan’s business model, having HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler as the face of the brand, expansion plans, and the growth of the marketplace economy.

Lance Montgomery, CEO of HeyBryan, says: “We are excited to have been selected as a cover story by the CSE, the Exchange for Entrepreneurs. HeyBryan’s goal is to add technology to a very outdated industry that also happens to be a massive market. We would like to think of ourselves as innovators bringing value to both the homeowners and the experts.”

HeyBryan Media became public on October 1, 2019, and in the past few months the Company improved technical and operational efficiencies of the app, launched in Calgary, introduced a user referral program, and announced several strategic partnerships. These initiatives, together with HeyBryan’s AI-enabled, data-driven ad campaigns, contributed to the quarterly gain in the app adoption as well as accelerated brand recognition.   

Now, HeyBryan is gearing up to release a further enhanced version of its app, with significant internal, customer and expert facing improvements. 


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