HeyBryan Shows Significant Month-to-Month Acquisition Growth

HeyBryan, the app that connects home-maintenance Experts to homeowners for help with small tasks around the home, today announced substantial growth in usage, having significantly increased the number of tasks booked, Experts signed up, and number of Customers using the app.

Since January 1, 2019 and as at Nov 18, 2019, HeyBryan reported:

  • 1150% increase in the number of Customers
  • 670% increase in the number of Experts
  • 2405% increase in the number of finished tasks*

*Booked and completed tasks that have resulted in revenue to the company, excluding cancelled or re-scheduled tasks.

Since the beginning of 2019, Customer growth has averaged around 115 per cent per month, Expert growth has been around 70 per cent each month, and the month-to-month growth in the number of finished tasks has been, on average, 240 per cent.

“We are beyond happy to see consecutive growth throughout our three main Key Performance Indicators,” commented Lance Montgomery, HeyBryan’s CEO. “We are especially proud of the steady increase in the number of completed tasks as they are HeyBryan’s primary revenue source. More to follow as we continue developing the story and building the business.”

Founded in 2018, the app is named after Canadian HGTV personality and one of the country’s most trusted contractors, Bryan Baeumler. Bryan is widely recognized as a home-maintenance expert and has been featured in multiple hit shows for over seven years, such as House of Bryan, Disaster DIY, Leave it to Bryan, and most recently, the #1 show in HGTV’s history, Island of Bryan.

HeyBryan is already getting hits in Toronto and Vancouver with plans to expand into other Canadian cities in the next year. Typical tasks booked by customers through the app include handyman services, mounting or installation, furniture assembly, electrical, appliance repair, plumbing, painting, cleaning, lawn and yard maintenance, and more.


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