HeyBryan & The Original CleanBoot® Enter into a Brand Partnership

HeyBryan, the app that connects home-maintenance Experts to homeowners and anyone else looking for help with small tasks around the home, is pleased to announce a partnership with The Original CleanBoot®. The partnership will help introduce the HeyBryan app to an extensive customer base of The Original CleanBoot®, which includes mostly home-maintenance professionals.

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The Original CleanBoot® was invented as a washable, reusable, 100% Neoprene overshoe, with a patented extra grip sole. Its creation was to allow residential contractors to enter customers’ homes clean and safe. Currently, contractors entering a customer’s home either remove their work boots, or utilize plastic/ paper disposable booties. If they remove their mandated safety footwear, they void any sort of insurance that would cover them should they have a slip, trip or fall. Disposable booties create an excessive amount of environmental waste and are grossly inferior to The Original CleanBoot®.

“Working clean and safe is mandatory in construction. The Original CleanBoot® allows our workers to accomplish both. It’s a natural fit for our industry,” says Bryan Baeumler, HGTV Host and the face of HeyBryan.

  • Each year there are about 17,000 lost-time injuries due to falls in the workplace*
  • 65% of all fall-related injuries are from “same level”*
  • One in five lost-time injuries result from falls*
  • Every year about 20 people die in Ontario because of workplace falls*
  • 80 workers are injured every day because of a fall – that’s one every 20 minutes*

Source: *WSIB “Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls in the Workplace”

Lance Montgomery, CEO of HeyBryan: “Safety is of utmost importance to HeyBryan in light of the potentially hazardous environment when using power tools, nails and chemicals. Our partnership with The Original CleanBoot® demonstrates our commitment to ensure safety first for our Experts and consideration for the home.”

HeyBryan launched in both Vancouver and Toronto less than one year ago, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. In 2019 alone, our user base grew by over ninefold while Experts base increased five times, and we have quadrupled our team to support this growth. The home improvement market in Canada reached $47.9 billion in 2017.

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