HeyBryan to Provide Affordable Pickup and Delivery Services Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

HeyBryan Media, the creator of the HeyBryan app that connects home-maintenance Experts to consumers for help with small tasks around the home, is announcing that the company has removed its service fee on all pickup and delivery tasks moving forward and shifted its focus to get all HeyBryan experts to signup for this category to help during this time of need.

With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak keeping people at home across Canada, there is major demand resulting in long wait times for online retailers and other delivery services and the company saw an opportunity to help those in need and in our communities in general.

Lance Montgomery, CEO of HeyBryan, says: “As the situation continues to evolve, we recognize the growing need for affordable pickup and delivery services – particularly for the elderly, more vulnerable or anyone else unable to get the essential supplies they need. Because no cash changes hands with HeyBryan and all payments happen in-app, social distancing can be easily adhered to.”

Home maintenance experts on the app are also now signing up to make themselves available to provide pickup and delivery services. All HeyBryan delivery experts are required to follow the following health and safety practices: 

  • Properly and frequently washing their hands
  • Using hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes in their vehicle
  • Wearing gloves
  • Declining or cancelling tasks if they are feeling unwell
  • Avoiding direct contact with customers
  • Leaving packages only where instructed

HeyBryan is free to download and is available on both Apple and Android devices.

Internally, the Company is focused on the safety and comfort of staff and has advised existing staff to work remotely effective, March 12th, 2020.  Since inception, HeyBryan has been set up to run operations effectively with remote teams, leveraging a variety of electronic communications and platforms. 

HeyBryan would also like to update stakeholders on the impact that COVID-19 is having on operations. Life in Canada has been materially impacted by COVID-19, across the country and throughout all aspects of daily life. WhileHeyBryan continues to operate during this period of crisis,  the safety and security of our customers and experts is of prime importance. To this end, the Company has advised both experts and customers to cancel existing appointments should they feel unwell or would if they would prefer to avoid contact with non-family members or others outside their household. Internally, the Company is focused on the safety and comfort of staff and advised existing staff to work from home, leveraging a variety of electronic communications.

The Company recognizes that COVID-19 is having, and will likely continue to have an impact on daily life in Canada, and in particular on the financial markets.  In order to address the significant uncertainty created by the disruptions seen to date, the Company has made the difficult but necessary decision to make substantial reductions in operating expenses.  These cuts include curtailing certain marketing, technology and staff costs, the latter via making substantial staff layoffs. The Company will continue to operate with only essential staff and is hopeful that the laid-off staff will be recalled to work as soon as some predictability returns to the Canadian economy in general.

Lance Montgomery, CEO, commented, “The safety of our customers, experts and staff is first and foremost in our minds.  We, along with many other businesses, are facing unprecedented challenges in our operating environment and in capital markets.  As COVID-19 spread around the world, our management team began to plan for the disruption that this virus seemed likely to bring, and we have now implemented those plans fully.  We plan to continue to support our customers, experts and staff through this difficult time.”

The Company continues to follow the current developments and will provide further communications should either operations or the economic environment change materially.


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