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The Silicon Review

June 30th 2020

HeyBryan Media Named to List of 30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in 2020

Simply waiting until things break is not a good home maintenance schedule. With the help of an app such as HeyBryan that quickly connects with trusted home maintenance experts in your community, maintaining your home can now be both simple and effective. Every expert at HeyBryan Media Inc has been screened, vetted, and interviewed...

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May 7th 2020

Homeowners Checking Off Home Projects During Covid-19 Quarantine Look to HeyBryan Experts

HeyBryan Media (CSE: HEY)(OTCQB: HEYBF) is a company positioned for growth even amid the difficult economic climate owing to Covid-19. The Vancouver-based company is the creator of the HeyBryan app, named after the popular DIY HGTV star Bryan Baeumler, that connects vetted home-maintenance experts to consumers for help with small tasks around the home.

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The Dales Report

April 2nd 2020

Canada Strong: HeyBryan Providing Hope for a Country In Need

Lance Montgomery, President CEO and Founder of HeyBryan, joins The Dales Report to talk about how their business has pivoted in response to Covid19. HeyBryan (CSE:HEY) (OTCMKTS:HEYBF) (FSB: 9HB) is known for home maintenance but they now offer delivery across the country on essentials like groceries and medical supplies.

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March 27th 2020

HeyBryan Providing Delivery Services During COVID-19 Outbreak

HeyBryan is adding pickup and delivery services to its roster of available tasks and is encouraging its network of experts to sign up for this new category to help during this time of need. The HeyBryan app that connects home-maintenance experts to consumers for help with small tasks around the home. HeyBryan will not be charging their regular service fee on pickup and delivery services.

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Virtus Groups

March 3rd 2020

HeyBryan Named a BC’s Best Company

HeyBryan instills trust, eliminates the constraints of time, and handles the money exchange for you. In doing so, they enable the independent workforce and consumers to work together. If you’re wondering about the catchy name, the service takes its name from Bryan Baeumler, Canada’s most beloved and trusted contractor and host of the highest-rated show in HGTV’s history.

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February 10th 2020

CSE Recognizes HeyBryan as Much More Than an App

“First and foremost, we have filled a void in the market between vetted and verified repair experts and homeowners. Furthermore, we have built the back-end infrastructure designed to collect data on repairs and projects in people’s homes,” said Montgomery in a phone conversation with “We don’t know of anyone else employing this model and we believe that many companies will be interested in the data.”

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January 24th 2020

HeyBryan Partners With Duuo To Insure Gig Economy Workers

Home-maintenance app HeyBryan has announced a partnership with Duuo, by The Co-operators Group. Through the partnership, Duuo will develop a custom, easy-to-use insurance product that HeyBryan will be able to offer the home-maintenance experts on its platform.

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December 11th 2019

Canadian ‘HeyBryan’ home maintenance service app launches in Calgary

HeyBryan, a Canadian app that connects home-maintenance experts to homeowners, has launched in Calgary The app previously launched in the Greater Toronto Area and parts of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. HeyBryan was named after Canadian HGTV personality, Bryan Baeumler.

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November 11th 2019

HeyBryan app, backed by HGTV star power, is expanding across Canada in 2020

Like a lot of small business ideas that work, HeyBryan was born from a personal and common experience...

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BNN Bloomberg

October 29th 2019

Handyman app ‘HeyBryan’ helps you with your home maintenance needs

It's been a weak year for Canadian IPOs, but that hasn't stopped HeyBryan - which connects consumers to contractors - from going public. BNN Bloomberg speaks to Lance Montgomery, president and CEO of HeyBryan, Media and HGTV Host Bryan Baeumler about the business...

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Market Open at the CSE: HeyBryan Media Inc.

We welcomed HeyBryan Media Inc. (CSE:HEY) to open the market at the CSE Media Centre on October 29th.

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Financial Post

October 22nd 2019

New app connects home-service experts to people with everyday home-maintenance needs

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you have a long list of odd jobs that need to get done...

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HeyBryan Raises $2.5 Million After CSE IPO

HeyBryan, a peer-to-peer marketplace app that connects homeowners with home maintenance experts, has closed its initial public offering on the CSE...

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